Two obsessions: Fall and Yurts

I love fall and I love talking about yurts. When it came time to plan ONE LAST TRIP WITHOUT BABY OR BEING A PARENT, I knew I wanted a weekend away in the mountains and a yurt seemed like the perfect setting. Since we're on lock down for holiday travel and my sister-in-law has a wonky work schedule, we thought it would be nice to plan a family trip in a some what central location.

The family pack drove in from all parts to Falling Waters for the weekend. The local coyotes must have known they were in for a visit. They welcomed us in on Friday night with late night howls while we were snuggled in our yurt beds. On Saturday morning, the men folk went on a canopy zip line tour while the ladies relaxed in bed and went to Bryson City for a yummy diner breakfast. We spent the rest of the day exploring the city and ended the day with the Tuckaseegee Terror Tales Tour trolley ride in Whitter, NC followed by some campfire fun.


Maternity moments

It feels like the first three months of my pregnancy went by so slowly and then the next four months sped by and I feel like time is slowing down again. I'm thinking it's because I'm on lock down in the Atlanta area until after the baby arrives.

In late September, my dear friend Maigh consented to taking a Saturday morning out of her busy schedule to shoot some baby belly pictures with me. I love working with her. I feel so comfortable with her and we work really well together if I must say so myself. Here is a link to her photo blog page for a recap of the morning: Shooting Nouns. Oh, and she's not only an incredible photographer, but she's quite the wordsmith as well.


A Perfect Circle

This week churned up some blasts from the past.

R.E.M. announced that they're breaking up the band and their music defined a good portion of my life. It's the end of an era for sure, but not the End of the World as We Know It. Sticking with the music thread, this year marks the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's Nevermind album yet another soundtrack to my youth.

Fifteen years ago, Greg and I went to see Beck with a group of friends in a small venue in Charlotte, NC. We officially started dating after a summer of shenanigans. As Laura mentioned in her toast at our wedding, she remembers me saying that I would marry Greg one day so that I could have curly-headed babies. It looks like my statement is finally coming to fruition...I hope the little one gets his lovely locks.

I thought I would take some time since it's been *six months* since I posted here and circle back before my life continues on in fast forward.

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